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Explore our Virtual 3D replica of the Milky Way Galaxy in your own space ship. Travel through the solar system or point your ship at a star and travel there in a scientifically accurate online Virtual Milky Way Galaxy. Visually experience what it’s like to travel through space at the speed of light. This unique software is a click away and it’s FREE.

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Virtual Milky Way Software

The Perfect Gift

Surprise them with a real eStar! Celebrate your special relationship forever with this one-of-a-kind gift and take your love to an unexpected destination. 

Make it a day to remember…forever.


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The Perfect Gift

An Amazing Gift

Claim Your Star is the first to offer a real-time, 3D, interactive atlas of our Milky Way galaxy. It’s an exciting gift that will be shared over and over again. Claim Your Star is a personalized way to honor the special people in your life, and a most creative gift for Valentine’s, births, graduations, anniversaries, wedding engagements, achievements, retirements, Christmas and other occasions.

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Own an eStar in our Virtual Milky Way Galaxy!

Own an eStar

This website connects you to a 3D Virtual Atlas of our Milky Way Galaxy. Here you can choose an exact virtual replica of an actual star based on officially recognized star catalogs and personalize it with a name, photo, and even a special message significant to you. Your star will appear online in our Virtual Milky Way galaxy for all to see! This is the only place where you and friends can view & share stars in a accurate real-time 3D replica of our Milky Way galaxy for free!  Enjoy this immersive, personalized experience as you choose the constellation and star type reflecting your style.